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Hello IKEA co-worker!

Welcome to, a web site for IKEA co-workers. Here you can find information about your benefits, IKEA news, important links, and more. ico-worker is accessible from any device that has an internet connection, so it's available to you anytime, from anywhere.

Click here to login! You’ll need to login with your network login and password. Having trouble logging on? Scroll down for some FAQs that may help.

ico-worker help

I need help logging into ico-worker from work:
If you are using an IKEA computer, you will automatically be logged into ico-worker when you click the login link above. If you have any issues, contact the IT Service Desk at 1-844-55-HELPU (43578).

I need help logging into ico-worker from my personal computer/device:
If you don't know your network login: You need to login to ico-worker using your network login and password...this is what you use when you first sign on to an IKEA computer. If you don't know what your network login is, contact the IT Service Desk at 1-844-55-HELPU (43578).

If you don't know your network password: If you have forgotten your password, and you have previously registered IKEA Password Manager, click here to reset your password. Log in with your IKEA network login, and you will be asked to verify your identity using the information you provided when you registered. 

If you have forgotten your password and you are not registered with IKEA Password Manager, contact the IT Service Desk at 1-844-55-HELPU (43578). For security reasons, you won’t be given your password over the phone; a temporary password will be emailed to your manager. You'll need to re-set the temporary password from an IKEA computer.

I  need to change my network password:
Your password will need to be changed every 90 days. Your password can only be changed from an IKEA computer at an IKEA location. You can change your password by clicking Ctrl+Alt+Delete, and selecting "Change your password."

ESS help
I need to access ESS, but can’t get into ico-worker: 

Click here for a link that will take you to ESS. Once there, you’ll login like you normally do.

I need help with my ESS user ID or password:
Contact the IT Service Desk at 844-55-HELPU (43578).

Benefits help

I have a question about my benefits:
Contact the Shared Service Center at 1-877-212-HR4U (4748), and select the option for "Benefits Advocacy." Or, email your question to


Not an IKEA co-worker?
If you don't work for IKEA you won't be able to access this web site. Please visit our consumer web site at Thanks!