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Are you coming from an IKEA computer?
If you are already loggedin you will not see any login requested as has single-sign-on and recognizes you. If you are on a shared computer or have logged out, then you will need to enter your network login and password when prompted. The first time you login, you'll be prompted to review and accept the Terms of Use. 
Are you coming from outside the IKEA network/from home? 
1) Click on the link to an ico-worker site and come to the login info page, click "Login".
2) If it is your first time Logging on the site, you'll see a sign-in page, where you'll be prompted to
review a Terms of Use and Cookies statement (this is for accessing the IKEA network externally) and complete a short captiva puzzle.  
Next, you'll come to a second screen where you'll be prompted to accept the ico-worker Terms of Use and then you can e
nter the site. 

Q. I have forgotten my network username and password or locked out my account.
A. Contact the UK IT Service Desk using the log a call system, this can be accesses through the homepage on the IKEA intranet. 

Q. How do I logout?

A. If you are using Windows, close all of your browsers and click ALT CTRL DEL and then select “Log out” this will end your Windows session and you will be logged out.  

Q. How often do I need to change my password?
A. Every 90 days.  You'll need to make this change on an IKEA computer.

Q. Can I change my password from my personal computer?
A. No, passwords need to be changed on an IKEA computer.
Q. I do not have a network login How do I access ESS?
A. If you have not yet been given a network login and password, please ask your line manager to log a call requesting this, they will then give you a temporary password to assessed the system at which point you will be asked to create your own personal password.